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Management Committee


“Being part of the Management Committee is a great way to be involved in your community, meet new families and help our kindergarten grow”.

We are a not-for-profit community based kindergarten, with our management and financial control organised by the Management Committee of elected volunteer parents who oversee the maintenance, finances and educational standards required for affiliation with the C&K Association of Queensland. The Kindergarten’s Management Committee and Sub Committees are responsible for the overall operation and administration of the kindergarten and liaising with all staff and the Director.


Functions and duties of the Committee include:

  • Employment, support and supervision of staff.

  • Renewing annual licensing and affiliation.

  • Maintenance of buildings, grounds, and equipment.

  • Financial management of kindergarten.

  • Establishing and implementing policies and procedures.

  • Marketing of the kindergarten.

  • Communicating information to the parents and carers of the kindergarten.

  • Encouraging parental and community participation in the kindergarten.

  • Organisation of social activities including fundraising where appropriate.

Committee Members

The President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and other members are elected to deal with day-to-day kindergarten business, correspondence, collection of fees, etc. These positions are voluntary. Management Committee and an example of Sub Committee positions
are shown below.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Kindergarten Association is usually held at the Kindergarten at the end of term 4 or early in term 1. At this meeting, a Management Committee is elected by and from the Parent Body, to run the kindergarten for the next 12 months. After this meeting the Management Committee meets a minimum of 10 times per year to carry out its functions. Committee positions, including their roles and functions, will be advertised prior to the AGM and if you are interested in taking on a position, we welcome your nomination. All Management Committee positions must be filled by members of the Association. All committee members must be fit and proper persons and obtain Blue Cards to hold a position; this process is undertaken by the Chelmer-Graceville Kindergarten.


Minutes from Management Committee meetings are available for inspection upon written request to the Secretary.

General Meetings are held as often as is necessary and all members of the Association are welcome to attend these meetings. The minutes from meetings are available to be viewed from the Committee Secretary. Even for those who have not served on Committees before, much help is available from the C&K Association, or former Committee members. If you feel you could help in this way, please do not hesitate to talk to the Director or current committee members.

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