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Get Involved


We welcome and encourage you to be a part of our kindergarten program. Share your ideas, talents and skills, ask questions, sign up for our rosters and help us set and achieve a wide range of goals. We also hope you will join us at the various events we hold, or participate in, throughout the year.

There are ways to be involved in our kindergarten, from joining our Management Committee through to lending a hand at our regular working bees. Getting involved is a great way to meet other families and build a sense of community and belonging.

Parent Roster

We invite all families to attend roster days during the year to enjoy a day with their children at kindergarten. This enables parents to enjoy, play and interact with their child, to note changes during the year, to discuss progress with their educators and to support excursions, community walks and allow for a wide range of educational activities.

Share your Talents

We welcome the opportunity for families to share a special skill, knowledge, or an interest with the children (for example: cooking, musical instrument, storytelling/poetry, sports or sharing an area of expertise). Families make our kindergarten special by bringing into the program their individuality, unique attitudes, knowledge and skills.

Laundry Roster

At the end of each kindergarten group’s week, families will be asked to take turns at taking home a washing bag of laundry (for example: spare hats, towels, tea-towels and tablecloths) to be returned the following week.

Your Trash is our Treasure

We are always looking for new materials to incorporate into our children’s learning experiences and household items can be a great resource for our kindergarten. We are always in need of cardboard boxes, paper, collage materials, scraps of leather and material, off-cuts of smooth wood and poly-pipe. Just about anything can be reused and recycled to keep our budding artists inspired.

Working Bees

Each family will be asked to participate in our working bees. A variety of jobs will be available on the day including gardening, repairs, cleaning and toy maintenance.

Management and Sub-Committees

We are a not-for-profit community based kindergarten, with our management and financial control organised by the Management Committee of elected volunteer parents who oversee the maintenance, finances and educational standards required for affiliation with the C&K Association of Queensland. The Kindergarten’s Management Committee and Sub Committees are responsible for the overall operation and administration of the kindergarten and liaising with all staff and the Director. 

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